•   Buff (noun/verb) ;

             -       the erasure of graffiti by painting over or chemically removing it.


    Buff is a project in which a series of public artworks are photographed. These artworks are graffiti removals, mostly painted, colloquially known as ‘buffs’. The compositions are researched by fine-art painter Stephen Burke and documented through analogue photography by Dublin based photographer, Fiachra Corcoran. The project investigates the culture of buffing within Dublin City. It is an exploration of the colours, compositions and concepts offered up by a mostly undocumented artform that exists on our city's streets.


    Published August 2017

    120 pages,

    Case bound with blind emboss

    Printed on munken pure rough 120 gsm

    Designed & photographed by Eric Stynes

    Edition of 100


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